Addressing The Discomfort

Politics is such a touchy topic. We are literally surrounded by our government day in and day out but the topic on politics brings us so much discomfort. Why? I wonder when it became so uncomfortable to share our thoughts and opinions on any matter to the point where we have to walk on eggshells with our own friends and family. Why is this so taboo? Were we ever truly able to sit across from someone who shared different views than our own and actually discuss our thoughts?

Separation of church and state, or so they say, yet religion seems to always find its way into a political debate. Freedom of speech until that speech somehow aggrivates those in power; power in which we, the people, had given them. The right to bear arms but every State now has a different law and regulation on whether we are even able to carry on that right. The right to plead the fifth will also give them the right to hold you in contempt in you aren’t careful with your silence. We were given Rights only to have them taken away. We were given Rights to protect us only to get it beaten out of us by the Law.

Politics is such a touchy topic. We fight wars that are not our own. We say it is for Liberty and Protection of our own and those we provide alliances for. We give aid, but only if it conveniences us. Our government is in debt; we owe both internationally and domestically. But politics is a touchy topic and if we are not careful with our freedom of speech, we may very well meet our doom with our choice of words.

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