Athanasios T.

And if this were to end here, I’d like to thank you for the little victories.

I’ve been feeling as if you’re distancing yourself from me lately. And I know as soon as I say something about it I will get backlash like, why are you so insecure, crazy, and unstable?

The things you did, the simple little things, from the beginning you don’t do anymore. What has changed in a few days’ time? When you were still just trying to occupy my mind and time you were ALL OVER IT; texts would pour in and you’d want to see me and spend time with me. Now it seems like it’s all me. I say I miss you and get nothing in return. No smile, no reply, you’re quiet the entire night. Was that when it all started? I’ve never been one to play games and make the other person miss me purposefully … I would never do someone like that. I guess everyone is different and we all want and need different things. I really liked you. And I was hoping you’d be the one I could talk to about everything and nothing; someone who would wake me up with hello’s and always end the night telling me sweet dreams. It’s sad that I wait on it and it doesn’t even happen. I try not to bombard you with texts and calls … but now I guess I will just back off this track. You said you weren’t like the others but in a way, you’re almost worse; you held my hand into this butterfly dream only to drag my heart into the dirt. I thought and though that maybe there was something I did along the way but I’m done with that. No matter what the issue is, everything could and should be talked about. There was no excuse for your sudden departure from the present and new residency into Ghost Town.

I will no longer make up excuses for anyone who does me wrong. You lost me with this. I am both sad and angry but most of all I feel disappointment. You are cunning and manipulative and I fell for every kiss, every word, and every gesture. I know what I am willing to accept and this is not it. I am worth so much more than this.

In the short journey that you made a presence in my life I was happy, so, for that I thank you. For the good times we shared, the beauty in the romance, and the endearing words you once gave me, I thank you. I won’t let your ignorance ruin those moments for me.

Please don’t toy with anyone else’s emotions; feelings are a fragile bunch.