Is Your Conscience Clear

Are your intentions pure? If I did to you, what you are doing to me, will you be all right? Are you respectful towards me? Is your conscience clear?

How does one go about setting standards for others?

I don’t think we can. We are all given individual brains with our own ways to think. No two people are ever exact; not our DNA, not the way we think, not even the way we feel. Sometimes we just have to allow a person the freedom of doing things without having to set a specific standard.

Someone who has every intention of doing right by you will always do right by you whether or not you are around and whether or not they are told to do so.

You should never have to tell a person how to love. The way they love others and the way they love you should always be up to them. You do not hold the power to dictate a person’s heart. It isn’t fair, nor is it wise. We should coexist in one another’s’ vibes and we will thrive if and when it is meant.

Keep your conscience clear even if you have doubt someone else’s. At the end of the day, you have to put up with you for the rest of your life. People come and go, even if it is momentarily, and what we feel about a person may change from one day to the next. How we feel about ourselves and our choices is what makes or breaks us. Put good into this world and it will come back, I promise.

Karma always finds her way around, believe me.

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