I Have Issues, You Have Them Too

I felt too much as he felt too little. I wore my heart upon my sleeve only to get burned in the end.

I have real issues about analyzing and then some more overanalyzing. When I get these thoughts in my head and the wheel starts turning, it is so hard to turn it off. I hate the unknown and I hate not knowing. My problem is more systematic than symptomatic. Past traumas have shaped my way of thinking and poisoned my brain. I am still learning to let go, still …

My poison is my overactive brain and my fast beating heart.

I have confidence in myself. I have confidence in my own love. I have trust in my heart. Though there are times when I find myself overanalyzing the simple things, I have never, and will never, find myself questionin my own heart. I don’t regret the love I give now nor the love I’ve given in the past that has been taken completely for granted. I believe that love can win every time. I believe in myself.

We all have demons we are fighting with. Truth be told, many of us may be fighting the same demons. Insecurities lie beneath all of us and some of us hide it better than others. No one is above anyone else, we just go about our business differently.

Find the light within yourself and focus on making it brighter. Don’t rely on anyone else for your own happiness and know that your issues will never define who you are as a person as long as you remind yourself that you are greater than it.

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