July 27, 2018 we will witness the Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, and Mars. This is the longest total lunar eclipse of our century. This Full Moon will bring about spiritual change for many of us, whether it is wanted or needed. Keep your chakras aligned and listen to what the Universe is trying to send you. This is a spiritual awakening.

This Lunar Eclipse is highly influenced by Mars, bringing about an emotional uproar.

Pay close attention to your emotions, intimate relationships, and social life as we embark on a full moon this Friday. This is a time to focus your energy on your lack, your wants, your needs, and your abundance. Look deeper into your own spiritual growth and see how much you have changed or are willing to. This is a good time to wake up from your third eye slumber.

The Universe gives us everything we give it, believe it or not. You put energy into this world to receive it tenfold. Karma. Sweet, sweet cosmic karma. Live by it. Learn from it.

Allow yourself to feel the energies flowing through this Earth. Don’t close yourself off.

Have you noticed a shift of energy in your life lately? What do you notice when you’re angry, happy, or sad? Recognize patterns and control your reactions. Awaken your sensitivity.

What are your plans for this Full Moon?

I want to touch the grass and soil with my bare feet and dance under the moonlight as I think deeply about all my emotions and where I’d like for them to take me. Think your most wonderful thoughts into existence.

Sincerely, My

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