Twisted Fate to Love You

If I knew then what I know now, I’d have fallen in love with you somehow. If I saw this side of you then, I’d have known this was where I should have been. Every love has its beginning somewhere … but I’d like mine to start right there. 

There where you and I can make a house into a home. There where happiness and love can freely roam. There where laughter takes place of fright. There where amazing love and magic is made every night. 

I wish what I know now I knew back then. I wish I would have let love happen. As I sit here thinking back to the yester-years, to all the wasted moments crying sappy tears. I can’t take back those moments no matter how badly my soul it torments. In some twisted fate and way, it was meant to be kept in my memor(a)y. 

It is my twisted fate to love you … 

and, to change that, there’s nothing I can do.