An Open Letter to My Future Husband, Whoever You May Be


To begin, I want to tell you how bumpy the road was to get to you. I have fallen, stumbled, and tripped on my way here. I have cried after laughing, regret after loving, and been resentful after hoping. I gave pieces of my heart I could never get back. But, luckily, for you I have a whole lot more heart left to give. And the thing about wearing my heart on my sleeve ┬ámeans that, most times, I don’t have to give any of it away to show how I feel.

You must, somewhat, be out of your mind to want to marry me. I am outspoken without bounds. I am loud without volume. I am spontaneous without limit. I get possessive, selfish, and greedy. There are times I’ll only want you to myself and I’ll expect for you to be okay with that. Sometimes I think you should be a mind reader because I don’t know how to say what I want. I’ll cry for almost no reasons at all. I’ll laugh at nearly everything. But I promise you, you will fully be entertained.

I promise to always put you and the kids before myself. I will love your family as if they were my own because that, to me, is what makes a marriage complete. I not only marry you, but I marry into you; into your family, your friends, your colleagues, your flaws, and all of your perfect imperfections.I promise to always kiss you good-night, even on the nights that aren’t so great. I promise to always give you a warm home-cooked breakfast, even if I have to wake up before the sun rises. I promise to cook all of your favorite dishes without complaint. And I promise to always be the woman you fell so deeply in love with.

I won’t let our love fizzle out with time. As long as you keep loving me, I will keep loving you. I will please your mind, soul, and body the way a wife should. I will continuously pray for you like I have since the day we met. I will be just as goofy, just as carefree, but I will know my limits. I will sing to you off-key and always put a smile on your face. And I’ll apologize now for all of my mood swings, irrational quarrels, and undeniable faults. But don’t give up on me because I would never give up on you as long as we both remain respectful.


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