Untitled 01.17.11

I’m confused- I don’t know what to feel, how to act, or even what to say.
I am lost- I don’t know in which direction to go or even how to find my way.
My words are like dust in the wind with little affect on anything else around.
I lay alone and in silence, no one is by my side, not even a hint of sound.
You made me laugh and smile but there were times you’ve made me sad and cry.
Left alone only to wonder, why … just why.
You made me crazy – you made me want and need you more and more each day.
There wasn’t much I could do to change life’s course except to sit back and watch life play.
My walls were built so high up that my heart was caved in.
Opened, carefree, loving – all this and so much more that I should have been.
We shouldn’t judge based on a single mistake.
Instead we should be aware and fully awake.
A lot more lies within us, around us – so let’s focus on the good.
Let’s laugh and smile and enjoy all of life’s wonders, as we should.
Don’t give up on us, don’t walk away from me.
Because with you is the only place is want to be …


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