Was Blind, Now I See

If you dress well you tend to feel better about yourself. I find this to be very true. How you look reflects on how you feel about yourself from the inside, out. It is all about confidence, my friends. And instead of negatively criticizing one another we should really learn to appreciate everyone’s own unique style and image.

Size shouldn’t be an indicator for beauty. There is such a huge difference between someone who is sloppy and just doesn’t care about how they look and someone who is big but does what they can to contour their image to fit their body. I was a big girl judging other big girls but guess what, that was due to my own insecurities. I’m doing what I do to better myself and become a healthier, more happy me. You can’t get anywhere in life by judging others while your flaws are still at large, no pun intended.

I am amazed by the different levels of ignorance and stupidity that surround people today. When did we become so focused on artificial beauty? If this is how the majority of us see the world’s beauty then I say the happiest of us are among the blind community because they are able to see with their hearts. It isn’t them who are born in darkness but us who are born in light yet cannot see the true potential of others and our surroundings.


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