Respect. Forgiveness.

Not everyone deserves your kindness. Sometimes the best medicine you can give someone so sick is quiet. Simply just stay away and learn that by doing so you are also saving yourself from contamination. I realized this a little later on but I am very happy to know that I made it happen for myself. I always believed in giving people chances; chances to prove themselves, chances for a change, chances to make amends. I’ve never done the

three strikes, you’re out

because I know everyone is susceptible to mistakes, and many of them. I never once thought my decision to give someone a fighting chance was actually me taking a stab at my own back, however. That’s what happens when you give someone unworthy a fighting chance.
Respect is a beautiful thing that can be easily ruined and dirtied. I have tried very hard to respect others, although they clearly hold no value to themselves. My father is a forgiving man and he taught me to forgive others for all of their wrong doings. My grandmother is a master at holding grudges and she taught me to never forget what people have done to wrong you. You can’t take away what is said and done. I will forgive but I won’t forget. But I’m not my grandmother so I won’t hold any grudges. I’m better than that.


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